Adventures in Odyssey: The Final Pick

We ended up purchasing a (drum roll please!) 2005 Honda Odyssey with just over 200,000 km’s on it.  I know, the mileage might be intimidating for some but it meant a purchase price within our budget and our goal is to get 5 years out of this new ride.

It is not on the road yet … first things first!  We have it on the schedule for every service in the book; transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant and more.  Plus we will attend to the timing belt and a couple of other touch ups.  Once these services and maintenance items are completed, we’ll say goodbye to the Caravan and hello to the Odyssey.

To be honest, we are really curious to see how the import will stand up vs. the Caravan which we have had for the past 5 years.  The reviews and drivers rave about the Odyssey, so we’ll see if we’ll be joining them after we make the change!


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