About us

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To provide the ultimate level of automotive service to each and every customer by consistently offering respect, transparency, accountability and open communication.

Core Values

  • Clear communication with our staff, our parts suppliers and each customer.
  • A shop culture that values trust and respect.
  • An effective and well-educated team.
  • The ability to service ALL vehicle years, makes and models.
  • Accountability for our actions, always.


Construction on Erie Street

The brainstorming started in the Fall of 2005. Jordan had been working as an Automotive Service Technician apprentice since 2001. He had gained a lot of wisdom from other techs he had worked with and was enjoying his chosen profession. He also became increasingly convinced that the automotive service industry was missing something. Where was the true integrity between a customer and the service provider? The industry was well known for dishonesty and lack of trust.

After completing his licensing requirements in early 2006, Jordan decided (along with his beautiful wife Amy) to bring a shop to Stratford that would truly prioritize the relationship and communication customers want and deserve.

In May of 2006, Accountable Automotive established its home, a two-bay garage at 217 Erie Street. In a painful twist of irony, Erie Street was almost immediately closed for major road construction. What a way to start a business! Through a lot of hard work, some outrageously faithful customers and an extra measure of prayer, they made it through an incredibly interesting first six months in business. There were definitely some happy dances in the shop when the paving crew finally made their appearance in December.


Team Development Over Time

Construction on Erie Street

Since the repaving of Erie Street, the team and facilities of Accountable have seen many changes. Originally a two-bay facility, two more bays were added at the back of the shop in the fall of 2011 put into full use right away. Growing from a staff of one tech (Jordan) and one office lady (Amy) into a team of seven, Accountable has consistently met the needs of its loyal clientele.

We are always pushing ourselves to stay on the cutting edge in terms of knowledge and equipment, as our industry changes from a mostly mechanical trade into a highly technical one. Above all, the staff at this bustling shop knows that the relationship between the customer and the shop comes first. Why else would customers occasionally drop off coffees and goodies “just because”? Why else would we all enjoy the privilege of greeting our customers so on a first name basiS whether we’re at the shop or out on the streets of Stratford? Why else have our customers consistently voted us Stratford’s Favourite Automotive Shop?



What the Future Holds

Jordan and Amy de Kemp with their familyThings we do know moving forward…Jordan and Amy are done contributing junior staff as home life is full with 3 healthy boys and one lovely little girl. We LOVE our downtown location and having a part in supporting other small businesses.  We CONTINUE to feel passionately about backing events and unique groups in our beautiful community.  We’re BLESSED to service your vehicles and to continue to get to know YOU, the people who drive them. Here we are, excited to explore the next chapter in the life of Accountable Automotive!


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Accountable for our actions, always.